what did jehovah even witness

I guess well never know bc we don’t answer the door

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"I’m still learning
how to just

(40/365) by (DS)

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thick thighs because chicken fries

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put your phone or ipod on shuffle and list the first 20 that pops up. 
then tag someone (if ya want)

  1. Islands- The xx
  2. Red Belt- Tegan & Sara
  3. Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me- The Smiths
  4. Diet mountain dew- Lana Del Rey
  5. Sweet Life- Frank Ocean
  6. Sleepyhead - Passion Pit
  7. Cocaine - The Internet
  8. Grow Up - Paramore
  9. The Con - Tegan & Sara
  10. Sea Foam - Land Of Talk
  11. CC - Warpaint
  12. Let’s Make Out - Does It Offend You Yeah?
  13. I will see you again - City and Colour
  14. The Greatest Lie - Circa Survive
  15. Spirit Desire - Tigers Jaw
  16. Fingers Crossed - Allison Weiss
  17. Be a body - Grimes
  18. Cute Without The E - Taking Back Sunday
  19. Cola- Lana Del Rey
  20. The Love Club - Lorde

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